Last updated: May 15, 2023

Welcome to CodeMintz Community!

We want to ensure that our server is a beautiful environment for everyone, and we know that certain rules should be set at the beginning of this. Except for the rules that are not written here, behavior that disrupts the server layout is also prohibited.

Follow the Discord Community Guidelines.

1. As a result of non-compliance with community rules, you will be permanently suspended.

2. If you want to get more information see address.

3. If you have a problem with Discord, please contact support:

Pay attention to the content of your messages.

1. Do not share or post sexual content.

2. Do not keep death, injury and damaging issues in mind.

3. Do not keep things illegal, such as stealing or hacking.

4. Do not discriminate between language, religion, race and treat everyone with respect.

5. Do not expose, vilify or humiliate anyone.

6. Do not use spam, flood, profanity, unnecessary spoilers or excessive caps.

7. We don't want epileptic emojis or profile pictures to be found.

8. Do not tag roles or members for unnecessary/spam purposes.

9. Do not advertise any platform/account.

Evaluate your behavior.

1. Do not reflect on the behavior that you will be offended by, and pay attention to it.

2. Pay attention to the warnings and statements of the moderators.

3. Your username will be changed if the Latin characters or numbers are external.

4. In other words, it is forbidden to give warnings or make decisions as authorized without authorization.